B5 – Art Museum Experience

Exhibition: Call and Response, When We Say You Say

My experience at the Long Beach University museum was different from what I expected. Although the museum was smaller than I expected, there were a few pieces that I found very interesting; one of the pieces was the “moth eater” and the “block”, the leather masks created by Alonso Garzon. I found these specifically interesting because it reminds me of a mask that would be used as a prop for movies. The masks were also the only pieces in the gallery that had a sci-fi fantasy theme to it. Because there were so many people in the museum, the tour wasn’t very enjoyable as it was very hard to hear. I did find it interesting that our tour guide told us that there were hidden easter eggs for the audience to discover within the art pieces.

B5 – Graffiti Writing

Graffiti writing has always been very enjoyable to me. I did this project in my backyard as I already had the materials. I used green and purple as those were my favorite colors; I used black for the outline of the letters. Using krylon spray paint made it a little hard as the spray was very outspread. It was an overall fun and enjoyable experience.

B3 – Finger Painting

Making an abstract painting was a really fun and enjoyable project. Having the freedom to paint what you want and being able to use your fingers is what made it even easier. From the beginning, I new it was going to be a fun, easy, and enjoyable project. It was also quite satisfying to use any color whenever I wanted to. I mostly enjoyed smearing the excess paint around as the paper did have a rough surface. I also didn’t care how my painting came out as it was an abstract painting.

B2 – Design Thinking

3 Possible Future Me’s


My first possible future would be to continue my journey to earn my bachelors of science in aerospace engineering. In my third year of college, I’m hoping to get some research done and gain experience with flight designing in order to secure an internship with one of the major aerospace companies. I’m currently working part-time at a retail store but hope to leave to intern for an aerospace company in about two years. After I graduate, I’m hoping I get hired full-time for the company I’m interning for. After a few years of gaining experience at the company, I would look for better opportunities elsewhere.

My second possible future would to be a software engineer. I find coding to be very enjoyable ,but I find designing rockets, aircraft, and other cool advanced weaponry a lot more interesting than to be sitting behind a screen 24/7. If I were to go down this path, I would work on projects such as creating a bot to “cop” any exclusive merchandise from any website. In creating this, I would be able to build my resume and make money buy selling it to today’s generation. After obtaining my BS in software engineering, I would like to work for a successful company like google or Microsoft.

If I were financially secure, my unrealistic future would to be a CEO of a successful street-wear brand. If I were to chase this future, I would have to pursue the business career path. If I were to major in Business, I would most likely be working for a successful clothing brand such as Nike or Adidas. Starting off as a multi-unit operator of a successful brand while also learning and growing my own company. Being a CEO of any brand or company is one of the only ways in becoming a Billionaire. Growing my net worth would be my long term goal as a CEO.


Ratings for each possible future

  • Future 1:
  • 1. Confidence
  • 2. Satisfaction
  • 3. Resources
  • 4. Impact
  • Future 2:
  • 1. Confidence
  • 2. Resources
  • 3. Satisfaction
  • 4. Impact
  • Future 3:
  • 1. Satisfaction
  • 2. Impact
  • 3. Resources
  • 4. Confidence

Rapid Prototyping Experiences

Being able to talk to a few family members that are within the field of engineering has driven me to become an aerospace engineer. Not enjoying chemistry in high-school eliminated the chemical-engineering career path for me. The money and interesting projects an aerospace engineer undertakes is what lures me in. Working as an intern at my local city hall has given me the feel of what it’s like to sit in an office for 5+ hours a day. As being a part-time worker for a successful retail store and a having a father who is a multi-unit operator for Pizza-Hut, I have a bit of an understanding as to what it take to own a company.